data security and privacy with literacypro

Privacy & Security: Creating a Village with Role Based Security

We have poured our hearts and souls into making LiteracyPro Systems™ a destination for everyone looking to make a difference in the lives of adults across the country. Our dedicated team of professionals strives to ensure that adults from all walks of life get a fair shot at living up to their potential.

While our goals are lofty and our network is vast, when it comes to the security and storage of confidential data relating to our clients, we’re like a Swiss bank vault. Utilizing the world’s largest hosting system tailored specifically to secure healthcare and financial transactions, LiteracyPro’s robust tracking system operates safely behind a veritable fortress. While you invest your time improving the lives of your clientele, you may do so knowing that we employ the most sophisticated security tools available, which also allows us access to the most up-to-date and state-of-the-art security systems and ongoing upgrades.

Given the sensitive nature of work we do, the importance of roles of individual users cannot be understated. When raising a child, the saying goes “It takes a village.” Using this “village” metaphor, your organization, and the agencies you share information with, are much like a village. In a village, people have their roles and their jobs that keep things humming and successful. Interaction inside and outside of your agency is no different. Even in your office, people fill certain roles that they are equipped to do.

LiteracyPro’s role-based access levels gives your team precisely what they need to do their job well, while preventing them from accessing areas and data that do not pertain to them.

Limiting access not only keeps your client information safe, it streamlines work for your team so they don’t need to sift through information that isn’t relevant to accomplish their goals. Moreover, by defining user access roles, you open up a world full of data and robust reports to your teams, giving them the best tools possible to make data-driven assessments and recommendations.

Imagine being a teacher and seeing that one of your best students in English last year is failing miserably this year; what went wrong? Is there something in the existing curriculum that is setting her up for failure? How would that affect your current curriculum? With LiteracyPro, there is no need to wait for years-old data from a funded study to understand your students’ needs; the information is at your fingertips! And with LiteracyPro’s ability to share data across agencies, you can help this struggling student before it is too late. It’s that powerful.

LiteracyPro’s cloud-based hosting systems are certified compliant with over twenty-six US and international privacy and security standards. We strive to ensure that the data that is stored and shared is as secure as a Swiss bank vault, and our role-based access system specifically limits who can see what data and when.

We all want our communities to be vibrant, healthy, and educated. To that end, we’ve built the most powerful data and reporting system you can imagine. Isn’t it time to learn more? When communities are given the right tools and information to set their citizens up for success, everyone wins. By giving clients the proper resources when they need them, recidivism rates decrease and client success increases. Isn’t it time to learn how LiteracyPro can impact your community?