Time to Self Sufficiency

Agencies Win with LiteracyPro Systems

At LiteracyPro Systems™, it has always been our goal to create tools and systems that allow people to flourish and reach their potential. That’s why we’ve spent countless hours building fast, intuitive data systems that talk to one another to ensure that no one falls through the cracks and that no one is left behind. In other words: Everyone Wins.

Who is everyone? Our Agency & School Partners: You.

LiteracyPro Systems has invested years of time, research, and development to deliver the best tools to support you doing your job more effectively and efficiently. Can you recall the first student/client you helped? The sense of accomplishment, satisfaction, and joy that you both likely felt has left a positive mark on both of you. Helping others may be the reason why you are in this profession and the opportunities you provided that first student/client validates the importance of your role.

But the reality is, your efforts often get blocked and derailed by “red tape,” limited capacity to see beyond the walls of your agency or school, and time sucked to complete “paperwork.” We recognize that helping others is at the heart of what you are trying to accomplish. With this in mind, we developed CommunityPro Suite™ to simplify your day-to-day.

Our time-saving platform allows you to do what you do best: connect with people who enter your doors. CommunityPro Suite is built with the advance measures to secure the privacy of the information. CommunityPro Suite has a user-friendly design, making navigation intuitive. A few simple clicks leads you to a 360-degree client profile, makes referrals to inter-agencies easy, class & program availability is accessible, insightful reporting is at your fingertips. You can add or identify someone in the system, foresee potential pitfalls before they arise, and find the next agency that can assist in creating success for your client. CommunityPro aligns with your workflows and is customized to reflect your processes. Each component of CommunityPro has been thoughtfully configured with you in mind.

Feedback and research supports that agencies using CommunityPro Suite yield a higher success rate for their clients. This success is due in large part to the fact that our schools and agencies more capable of helping clients when they have the right tools to streamline the process, fill gaps, track goals and progress, and more time to engage with them. With CommunityPro Suite, your team can focus on their client and the programs you lead.

As you well know, more and more grants require cooperation between agencies when it comes to communication and reporting. When you use CommunityPro, this communication and collaboration is seamless. Forget re-entering data on a client that was sent to you by another agency. If they’re using CommunityPro, too, the system keeps track of that one record, and eliminates the need to create duplicate (and often contradicting) records for a single person.

And guess what happens when you’ve got streamlined reporting, efficient communication, and capable people: Your clients win!

If you would like to see how LACES and CommunityPro can transform your agency, please request a demo today.