Software Customization

LACES has been designed to enforce national standards for generating reports required for submission to the NRS. However, it can be significantly customized to meet your state’s needs. We have augmented LACES for many states, so that it evolves as your business evolves. Our development team strives to always maintain the best data quality and report fidelity to give you the peace of mind that your data and reports will be generated accurately and timely.

We start with in-depth interviews of all appropriate stakeholders to determine how the partner organizations desire to work together, what documentation is needed, what the managerial checks and escalations need to be, the dashboard reports, my workspace alerts, and optimal order of operations. Once documented and diagrammed, our Customization team goes to work to turn your dream into a reality. The resulting application is tested with your leadership and staff to be sure it accomplishes what you set out to do. When it checks out correctly, we help you to roll the application out to all your staff and your partners’ staff.

This is one of the many ways we are raising technology to the power of good!