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Clients Win

Better Data, Better Service When LiteracyPro Systems™ empowers agencies with cutting-edge technology and information, they are in a more informed position to match their clients with resources and services that are important to them. That’s why we developed CommunityPro Suite™. Our goal with CommunityPro Suite is to increase communication at the federal, state, and local […]

FERPA, HIPAA, & LiteracyPro Systems

LiteracyPro Systems™ takes this responsibility as its core mission: to safe-guard the sanctity of student information.  CommunityPro Suite™ is an “Opt-In Basis” system, the student/client needs to expressly give us permission to share their data with other agencies.  When they do, it opens up the doors for appropriate services from all participating agencies. Guided by […]

Agencies Win with LiteracyPro Systems

At LiteracyPro Systems™, it has always been our goal to create tools and systems that allow people to flourish and reach their potential. That’s why we’ve spent countless hours building fast, intuitive data systems that talk to one another to ensure that no one falls through the cracks and that no one is left behind. […]

Increased Immigrant Workforce Entrance Linked to Community Collaborative Impact Experiences

Organization: New Immigrant Welcome Center   Looking to offer: 360-degree services to their target population in the local community and to coordinate with and refer to other agencies in order help the new immigrant population.   Results: A new immigrant welcome center and its operations would revolve around the functionality of ContinuumPro,one of the core […]