Grant Writing Assistance

State and Federal government agencies award over $33 Billion annually for workforce, social services, and education for adults – increasingly through competitive grant programs. Writing a grant proposal can be arduous for even the most sophisticated agency. We can help.

  • We have contributed to many successful proposals, including our own RFI and RFQ responses, for over 20 years.
  • Your technical partner: Our applications are designed to be modified to fit your requirements so you propose programs that have the ability to monitor your pilots and know they are successful. Once you have proven the efficacy of the pilot, this ‘telemetry’ allows you to scale up to full production with confidence. This supports the big push for ‘data driven analysis’.
  • Lack the resources to write an application or response? We have the experience and time available to help create a professional submission. Call us – we can help!

Presenting your organization’s skills, qualifications, and experience in a persuasive manner that sets you apart from competitor agencies is where we can give you an edge. With the right expertise, you’ll be in the best position to win the contracts. Done wrong can cost you the bid, and be a big waste of time and money.

What’s in it for you?

  • Avoid the worst mistakes when submitting RFPs.
  • Submit competitive RFPs and proposals.
  • Increase the probability of winning and being awarded contracts.

Why LPS?

  • Seasoned professionals proficient in developing strategic partnerships and alliances with many years of experience working with government agencies.
  • Bring strategic planning and focused attention to help beat the competition when preparing bids for state and federal government contracts.

Our services

  • Custom editing and proposal writing
  • Pre-Proposal review and content preparation.
  • Preparation of the final proposal documents.
  • Creating custom cloud-based IT applications that support your programmatic objectives